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Train Your Own Trainers

Internal Facilitation Capability of the Move@Work Health and Safety Training Programme

Significant, long term outcomes in reducing strain and sprain injuries are best achieved when your company takes ownership of the Move@Work programme, through having an accredited internal trainer.

Optimum Results Ltd will accredit nominated internal trainers through a four day health and safety training programme delivered by a Move@Work Master Trainer. The programme consists of three days in an intensive Train-the-Trainer Programme, and a fourth Train the Trainer day two months after the initial training. All training resources required to provide full understanding and capability for effective delivery of the programme are included in the training: two anatomical models, books, health and safety training aids, facilitation guides and CD’s.

Ongoing, any-time support for internal trainers is available. Access to intranet sites for discussion groups, solutions to common problems, feedback and review of health and safety training experiences may also be available.

Benefits of internal trainers

There are significant benefits for your company from having someone internally delivering health and safety training and manual handling training:

  1. Improved quality of life for company employees. They will suffer less strain and sprain pain with the Move@Work programme.
  2. Your company may deliver the health and safety training programme as and when it chooses to do so – subject to maintaining agreed quality standards.
  3. Your company retains capability internally which allows regular and / or ad hoc follow-up, assessments and refresher training.
  4. Early intervention where problems are identified with early reporting.
  5. Inclusion of the Move@Work principles in incident investigation processes, leading to more targeted root cause analysis.
  6. ‘On the job’ team personnel as champions to encourage and support team members for sustained change.
  7. Financial benefits. It is more cost effective over time, on a per person basis, than using external trainers to deliver health and safety training.

Internal trainer eligibility criteria

Move@Work Health and Safety Training is based on a performance model and not the medical model, meaning most people are capable of successfully delivering the training. Minimum eligibility criteria for accreditation as a Move@Work trainer:

  • Have an innate caring nature/attitude for their friends and colleagues
  • Good listener
  • Respected by peers
  • Experience in delivery of group training programmes
  • Physically capable of demonstrating the movements that are part of the programme.

With these skills ‘in house’, your business can expect to significantly reduce the harm that is occurring to your employees and the costs associated with injuries to your company for long term results.

Optimum Results Ltd is the only provider of this unique knowledge and health and safety training process in NZ. 

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  • Your company will make significant savings in both HUMAN and DOLLARS costs.

  • Your people will UNDERSTAND the causes and early warning signs of strain...and CHANGE THEIR THINKING AND ACTIONS.

  • Your people will take self-responsibility and make good decisions to NOT HURT THEMSELVES.

  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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