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Our Model

Wayne Milicich developed a new Physical Performance model (The Milicich Method™) for rehabilitation and prevention of injury based on the elite sportsman and the elite uninjured worker. They both share the same attributes for physical performance. This can be measured as a Movement Intelligence Quotient (MIQ) and is demonstrated in peoples function as they live their lives.

80% of our population can expect at least one or more significant back injuries in their lifetime. 80% or our population (your workers) are putting up with varying degrees of Discomfort and Pain in some part of their body on a daily, weekly or very regular basis. This is considered normal by the bio-medical model but it is NOT normal, it is simply ‘common’.

This new model is based on the other 20% of our population as demonstrated on the bell curve below. What do they do differently from the other 80% such that they do not suffer the same problems? 


Applications of the bio-medical model of teaching lifting and doing stretching exercises and the ergonomic interventions to eliminate and minimise manual tasks over the past two decades have NOT reduced the rates of strain and sprain injuries. ACC and WorkCover Aus concede that there is NO reduction in rates of sprain and strain injuries. Formal research is now also showing this. 

Why? The true cause is not being addressed.

The MM has identified the deep underlying cause of strain and sprain injury as people’s individual behaviour. That behaviour stems from their beliefs, their attitudes and thinking that in turn determines people’s habits of movement (represented as their MIQ). People inadvertently and unwittingly hurt themselves because of their habits. No one deliberately hurts themselves.

To address only people’s physical performance without changing their beliefs, thinking and attitudes will only achieve short term outcomes. No other injury prevention programme is addressing ALL these key elements.

Using The Milicich Method of accelerated learning everyone can shift up the bell curve when they change their thinking and physical actions.

This system has been so well developed that we now offer a money back guarantee if you do not exceed a 50% reduction in Strain and sprain injuries.

  • Your company will make significant savings in both HUMAN and DOLLARS costs.

  • Your people will UNDERSTAND the causes and early warning signs of strain...and CHANGE THEIR THINKING AND ACTIONS.

  • Your people will take self-responsibility and make good decisions to NOT HURT THEMSELVES.

  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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