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Move @ Work Champions

Companies that achieve the greatest success with the Move@Work Health and Safety Training Program, are those that drive and support the key principles to the point where they becomes part of the health and safety culture.

Move@work Champions is a 2hr coaching programme that empowers workplace leaders to support the Move@work Programme at the work face. Your Move@work Champions will be provided with a comprehensive manual to cover all information required to undertake this role effectively, and provide ongoing reinforcement of the health and safety training.

Your Move@Work Champion's Role is to

  • Reinforce the principles learned by personnel during the Move@work health and safety training and lead the ‘Take 30 seconds’ at regular staff/production/tool box meetings. (Spaced repetition reminders).
  • Safe Behaviour Obsevations to the Move@work principles
  • Use coaching principles to help people.
  • Assist with incident investigation and problem solving, incorporating the human behaviour element based on the Move@work programme.

HEALTH AND SAFETY Training provides

  • An understanding of the principles, philosophies and background to the Move@work health and safety training programme.
  • An Introduction to Safe Movement Observation (safe behaviour observations) – integrating an organisation’s behavioural-based safety processes.
  • Interpersonal skills in providing collaborative feedback and using coaching and influence rather than being directive in motivating change in behaviour.
  • Leadership of the daily Move@work ‘body prep’ movements (exercises)
    ‘Take 30 seconds’.
  • Leadership and encouragement to use the movements during the work day,
    ‘Take 3 seconds’.

Who might be your MOVE@WORK Champions?

  • Good movers - those who live and work by the Move@work principles!
  • Health and Safety representatives
  • People who have a genuine interest and concern for the wellbeing of their workmates
  • Managers, supervisors and leading hands
  • Move@work Accredited Trainers
  • Key personnel who are well respected within the workplace

Full on site resources provided.

Please note: Your Move@work Champion must have attended a full Move@work training prior to the Champions training programme. A Move@work champion is not equipped with the knowledge and skills to train the Move@work programme.


  • Your company will make significant savings in both HUMAN and DOLLARS costs.

  • Your people will UNDERSTAND the causes and early warning signs of strain...and CHANGE THEIR THINKING AND ACTIONS.

  • Your people will take self-responsibility and make good decisions to NOT HURT THEMSELVES.

  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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