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Stress Management Programmes

A short but powerful course, that provides immediate practical tools to physically handle negative stress-inducing situations, without asking people to relate emotional issues. The result: less stress and absenteeisms and a healthier workforce.

Can you see the benefit of your people raising their performance and suffering less stress-induced aches, pains and fatigue that lead to lack of performance on the job?

The challenges we meet in our everyday lives at work and in our personal life can cause us to feel stressed, pressured, angry, anxious and even fearful. Whilst our personal triggers and emotional responses vary, our physical responses present with a common thread.

Our Programme

Optimum Results has focused on developing a simple but powerful health and safety training programme that specifically targets the common physical responses to life’s pressures and stresses.  People are equipped with the tools to self-manage and act appropriately when faced with fear, stress, pressure and anxiety inducing situations, thus self-managing their own responses. The negative flow-on effect in their work is stopped.

This process can be more effective than taking pain-relieving or muscle relaxant medication to gain relief from stress induced symptoms.  People function at a much higher level when not encumbered with pain.

This health and safety training course is a two hour group learning facilitation process that allows each individual to discover how they respond or react in negative situations and discover their best coping mechanism so that they swim and not sink.

People are NOT asked to share their experiences in this group environment.  This is not an encounter group.  Everyone is kept totally safe both emotionally and physically.

Stress management

Traditionally, stress management has focused on time management, self-organisation, and good company systems and policies.  These are useful tools, but can never eliminate the factor of our individual response to other people, and in high-demand work situations like deadlines, heavy workloads, customer and client demands.

Stress manifests itself in the body in ways that we do not always recognise.  We can recognise physical effects, however, from tension headaches, stiff muscles, backache, shortness of breath, lack of clear and focussed thinking through to raised blood pressure and gastric upsets.

When under pressure or stress, the tone of voice changes and how the listener picks up on this and reacts. A negative situation can sometimes snowball. Body language communicates more than words.  When under pressure and stress the “posture of stress” can communicate the opposite of what we are saying. Similarly during presentations or public speaking, the voice tone changes and breathing becomes constricted, a train of thought is lost, reducing the effect of the presentation or message. We have skills to help your employees to deal with the effects of stress in these situations so they can improve their performance.

We are specialists in all aspects of workplace health and safety training programmes. Contact us to find out how we can help your team.

  • Your company will make significant savings in both HUMAN and DOLLARS costs.

  • Your people will UNDERSTAND the causes and early warning signs of strain...and CHANGE THEIR THINKING AND ACTIONS.

  • Your people will take self-responsibility and make good decisions to NOT HURT THEMSELVES.

  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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