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Success Stories

A wide range of applications

Underground coal miners are some of the staunchest of all workers. After their Move@work health and safety training, they returned to their employer and asked if the company would run some sessions so that their families could attend. The company did this for their employee’s families. What a great company.

Solutions that work

For 5 years this person was unable to go pig hunting and tramping in the bush because of his back problem….He ‘coped’ with work….he tells the story of having spent $5000.00 of his own money over and above what the company and ACC has provided and still no solution. Within two weeks of applying the principles of the training he has returned to the bush and rock jumping over streams chasing pigs. Is he delighted or what?? The company provided his solution in the form of this health and safety training.

Beyond expectations

Within the management team of the company they have a ‘golf club’, somewhat competitive…… and after doing the health and safety training and applying the principles, 3 months later every one of them has reduced his handicap, smallest by 2 , greatest by 7, WOW! That amazed me, I didn’t expect that.

Positive results

We began this health and safety training over 15yrs ago and one of our first clients was Bay Milk, now Fonterra, at Edgecumbe: I was back onsite some 6 years later on a walk-through and assessment of the plant and people, a gentleman walks up to me and says:

“Hi Wayne, I bet you don’t recognise me”………
“No… I don’t and should I?” (I have a good memory for faces). He tells his story… 
“I did the training with you the first time you came on site, back then I was 140kg”
(now the guy standing in front of me is about my size, 80kg) he continued………
“After the health and safety training all my back pain went away after a short time when I applied the stuff from the training. When it went away I was able to get more active again and mow the lawns and work more vigorously and go fishing and hunting again. I started losing weight and after about a year began to feel so good I went to the gym and got right into it and lost all the rest of the weight over the next 2 yrs. I can’t thank you enough”.

Prior to this he told me he did nothing on his weekends but recover and rest from the pain from the weeks work that he had struggled through, every week….. to feed and support his family….. WOW…I did not know of, nor expect nor promise this outcome. He had been told that his weight was the ‘cause’ of his pain, but his pain was causing his lack of activity, which was the ‘cause’ of his weight gain. I give him all the credit as HE made the changes, he owned the solution and recognised the benefit and made the changes. He gets ALL the credit. I only gave him an opportunity, and he took it. No wonder I did not recognise him. That is the power of this health and safety training. We have developed it even more since then.


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  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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