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About Manual Handling

Manual handling training to the bio-medical model has been around for a long time. The bottom line is that it has NOT reduced the incidence or severity of strain and sprain injuries, primarily targeting Backs. ACC NZ and Work Cover Australia acknowledge this fact. All the theory, the manuals, posters and video telling people what to do and not do!

A good definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome.

To continue to undertake manual handling training in this format is a waste of time and money.

Ergonomics and work good organisation has reduced and minimised some manual handling injuries but even with the best ergonomics people still get hurt when manual handling.

Let’s define Manual Handling:
99% of Manual Handling is the interaction of a person with an inert object to move or use the inert object. Handling stock, pets, children and people adds another dimension as these things are not inert.

That means everything we do is manual handling; brushing the teeth, digging the garden, groceries into/out of the boot, winching the boat on the trailer, using a hammer or paint brush, at the key board and playing golf. And then there’s ‘work’ as well. Since no inert object can hurt anyone then it must be the person that hurt themselves as they interacted.

No-one would deliberately hurt themselves, yet people are inadvertently and unwittingly hurting themselves during tasks of interaction with inert objects at work, at home and recreation.

When people realise that their thinking, their attitudes and their physical actions are causing them to hurt themselves as they interact, they go "Wow, how come we have never heard of this before" and they change their behaviour because there is a huge "Whats in it for me" benefit. 

Although we call it 'Manual Handling Training' that is a little inaccurate. We should call it training to ‘help people to not hurt themselves’.

When people understand how and why they are getting hurt ……. the light goes on ………….. the penny drops ………….. and they go ……… “Wow, this is so simple, I’m not going to hurt myself anymore”…………as they interact with inert objects.

To arrange Manual Handling Training that will create long-lasting behaivoural changes in your team, contact us!

  • Your company will make significant savings in both HUMAN and DOLLARS costs.

  • Your people will UNDERSTAND the causes and early warning signs of strain...and CHANGE THEIR THINKING AND ACTIONS.

  • Your people will take self-responsibility and make good decisions to NOT HURT THEMSELVES.

  • Your people will work with less pain and fatigue for improved productivity.

  • Significant reduction of the COSTS of absenteeism from work with genuine pain issues.

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